The best choice for purification of virus and vaccine——QuikSep Sulfate
This introduction: In the field of biotechnology, affinity chromatography is often used to purify viruses and proteins. Affinity chromatography is a kind of adsorption chromatography, in which the target substances are selectively adsorbed on the ligands of column packing, and then the buffer is changed to achieve separation and recovery. Affinity chromatography is much more accurate than gel filtration or ion exchange chromatography in recovering target components. QuikSep Sulfate is a specific affinity filler, suitable for the isolation and purification of certain viruses, virus-like particles and certain antigens and proteins.
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chromatography packing life verification required equipment
This introduction: According to the quality control regulations for raw materials and excipients used in biological products production, part 3 of the 2015 edition of Chinese pharmacopoeia, chromatography packing is classified as grade 3 raw materials with medium risk, and corresponding quality control should be carried out. The third part of the 2015 edition of Chinese pharmacopoeia, general introduction of recombinant monoclonal antibody products for human use, requires verification of the acceptability of repeated use of purification materials. In addition, ICH, FDA and other relevant agencies also clearly pointed out the need to verify the service life of the chromatography filler.
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biological downstream intelligent purification high-end assembly
This introduction: In order to help promote the development of biological scientific research, we have introduced the elites of the automatic driving industry and the artificial intelligence research and development team, perfectly combined digital technology and biotechnology, and independently developed and manufactured the highly automated QuikSep A1 automatic chromatography system at the beginning of this year. The implementation of artificial intelligence oriented biological research development.
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The difference between industrial marijuana and drug marijuana in stage 121 and the analysis method
This introduction: Cannabis, as is generally understood, is a drug and is included in the restricted use of narcotic drugs by the United Nations commission on narcotic drugs. Actually, hemp is divided into industrial hemp, drug hemp and intermediate hemp. Industrial hemp is called hanma in China, and industrial hemp is widely used at home and abroad.
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This introduction: 甘露醇是山梨糖醇的同分異構體。在食品領域,用于麥芽糖、口香糖、年糕等視頻的防粘,也可用作糖尿病患者用食品、健美食品等低熱值、低糖的甜味劑。在醫藥領域是良好的利尿劑,甘露醇注射液作為高滲降壓藥,是臨床搶救特別是腦部疾患搶救常用的一種藥。以下介紹符合各國藥典規定的甘露醇分析方法。
第119期 連續流層析在血液制品純化的應用
This introduction: 血液制品是指從人體血漿中分離提取出的各種人血漿蛋白制品,主要包括人血白蛋白、免疫球蛋白、凝血因子和其他蛋白成分。血液制品分離需采用低溫乙醇沉淀分離法,各種蛋白在不同的條件下分步從溶液中析出。各組分精制則需采用層析方法,主要包括親和層析和離子交換層析。
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This introduction: 薄層層析(TLC)是常用的一種分離和分析方法。 分類: 吸附薄層層析(硅膠) 分配薄層層析(纖維素) 薄層離子交換層析(離子交換劑) 薄層凝膠層析(分子篩凝膠) 硅膠:表面帶有硅醇基(-Si-OH),呈弱酸性(pH=4.5),活性硅膠適合分離酸性或者中性化合物,如酚類、有機酸、甾體化合物以及氨基酸類,是基于吸附作用。非活性硅膠含有一定的水,在分離色素時是基于分配作用。 氧化鋁:弱堿性(pH=9)、酸性(pH=4)及中性(pH=7.5)三種氧化鋁。弱堿性氧化鋁用來分離中性或堿性化合物;中性氧化鋁適用于酸性及對堿不穩定的化合物的分離;酸性化合物可用酸性氧化鋁分離。
This introduction: 如何從預處理的大麻植物提取物中獲得高純度CBD? 如何將THC含量降低至要求范圍內?
This introduction: 層析填料都具是有最大耐壓值的,如果層析填料實際承受壓力超出最大耐壓值,就有可能被壓碎,影響填料的均勻程度,造成低柱效,甚至發生柱床塌陷,影響分離效果。
This introduction: 流穿模式,是否需要評價柱效?親和層析,單梯度洗脫,不用擔心拖尾,是否需要評價柱效?
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