Chromatography System
H&E biological chromatography system includes R&D chromatography system, pilot chromatography system and production chromatography system. Various specifications are available to meet the needs of process amplification.
Chromatography System
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QuikSep AutoBio Chromatography System
QuikSep AutoBio automatic chromatography system is a chromatography system specially designed for the development and preparation of purification process of biological products at laboratory level.
QuikSep Pilot Automatic Chromatography System
QuikSep Pilot automatic chromatography system is specially designed for the purification and preparation of protein, antibody and other biological samples in the pilot scale. It is suitable for the purification process development and sample preparation of protein, vaccine, blood products, monoclonal antibody and other biological products as well as polysaccharide and natural products.
QuikSep Prep Chromatography System
Full automatic chromatography system is to provide detection for flow, pressure, temperature, pH value, conductivity and other conventional process parameters of mobile phase, and use ultraviolet spectrum to monitor the content of effective ingredients in real time, and finally complete drug classification, automatic real-time collection, and can track and record the process in the whole process, realize the control of pumps and valves, alarm prompt and data of abnormal operation Collection to ensure the stability and accuracy of the process.
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