Fuji is a leading professional silicone filler manufacturer with a long history of more than 70 years. The development and production of silicon products has always been its core business, but also accumulated rich experience, is a true expert in silicification. It has an extensive manufacturing and industrial customer base in mainland China. Fuji products play an important role in the research and production of natural drugs, synthetic drugs and genetic engineering drugs. At present, it is one of the most widely used high performance fillers for API purification in China.
Fuji 色譜填料
Fuji 色譜填料
FUJI produces Chromatorex series silica gel products, there are four levels: SPS (super pure silica gel series), SMB (super pure silica gel series), MB (spherical silica gel series), GS (amorphous silica gel series). There are various bonding phases, such as C18, C8, C4, Diol, NH2, etc. There are also a variety of particle sizes, from 5 to 10, 20-45, 40-75, and so on. You can choose the most suitable packing according to the chemical properties and molecular weight of the sample you want to separate.
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