one of Japan's representative large comprehensive chemical enterprise, its branches under Shodex liquid chromatographic analysis of the related products with 35 years of glorious history, the Shodex chromatographic column in the current in the chromatographic analysis technology to the field has a 50% market share, has been widely applied in life science, food and environmental protection, petrochemical, agricultural and other different fields of science. Shodex has a wide range of products, from pre-treatment column, separation column, to high performance liquid chromatography related instruments and other products according to customers' analysis requirements.
Shodex 色譜柱
Shodex 色譜柱
Shodex 色譜柱 Data
Shodex 色譜柱 Product categories
Shodex 正相/親水作用色譜柱配件
Shodex 反相C18色譜柱配件
Shodex 正相/親水作用色譜柱
Shodex 示差檢測器設備
Shodex 示差檢測器設備
Shodex 示差檢測器設備 Data
Shodex 示差檢測器設備Product categories
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