Packing materials

The packing has different classification according to the substrate and separation principle. Each has advantages and disadvantages, suitable for separating different samples.


Chromatography packing for biological macromolecule separation

   GE Chromatographic packing

·  TOSOH Toyopearl Size drain packing

·  TOSOH Toyopearl Ion exchange packing

·  TOSOH Toyopearl Affinity chromatography packing

·  TOSOH Toyopearl Hydrophobic chromatography packing

·  GE Affinity chromatography packing

·  GE Size drain packing

·  GE Ion exchange packing

·  GE Hydrophobic chromatography packing

·  GE Dextran gel LH-20

   Quiksep Chromatographic packing

·  QuikSep Ion exchange medium of agarose matrix with super high loading

·  QuikSep Hydrophobic chromatography medium

·  QuikSep Pre activation medium

·  QuikSep Antibody purification affinity medium

·  QuikSep His Affinity medium for label protein purification

·  QuikSep High flow rate agarose based ion exchange medium

·  QuikSep Agarose gel filtration medium

·  QuikSep Dextran gel filtration medium

·  QuikSep Purification of affinity medium by serine protease

·  QuikSep GST Affinity medium for label protein purification

·  QuikSep High rigidity agarose matrix ion exchange medium

·  Domestic macroporous adsorption resin

·  Polyamide resin

·  QuikSep Reverse polymer packing


Filter cartridge

   Shibi pure (Ripley gold) hollow fiber roll membrane
   Sartorius membrane bag

·  Spectrum hollow fiber membrane

·  Spectrum Hollow fiber filter

·  Sartorius Ultrafiltration membrane package


Chromatographic packing for separation of natural products and small molecules


·  DOW Macroporous adsorption resin

·  DOW ion exchange resin

·  DOW Reverse polymer packing

·  FUJI C18A31 Hydrophilic reverse packing

·  FUJI C18 Universal reverse packing

·  FUJI NH SG silica gel for sugar separation

·  FUJI HILIC ARG Silica gel

·  FUJI Normal phase silica gel packing

·  FUJI Diol Positive phase filler

·  FUJI CN Cyanide filler

·  FUJI C8 Reversed phase packing

·  FUJI C4 Reversed phase packing

·  FUJI For alkaline sample separation DNH Silica

·  FUJI Pei silica gel for separation of strongly alkaline samples

·  FUJI Amino Positive phase filler

·  FUJI ACD Silicone filler

·  FUJI Phenyl filler


·  YMC ODS-A-HG Classic universal reverse packing

·  YMC ODS-AQ-HG Classic hydrophilic reverse packing

·  YMC-BioPro Polymer based ion exchange filler

·  YMC Chiral packing

·  YMC-Triart Prep C18/C8 Reversed phase packing

·  YMC SIL-HG Positive phase filler

·  YMC Gel HG filler

Other - chromatography

  Normal phase TLC
  Reversed phase TLC

·  Normal phase TLC

·  Normal phase TLC(HPTLC)

·  Reversed phase bonded TLC

  Preparation of thin layer chromatography plate
   Cellulose TLC

·  Preparation of thin layer chromatography plate(PLC)

·  Cellulose TLC

 Alumina thin layer chromatography

·  Alumina thin layer chromatography

QuikSep Reverse polymer packing

   QuikSep Reverse polymer packing
   GE Dextran gel(LH-20)

·  QuikSep Reverse polymer packing

·  Sephadex LH-20 Dextran gel
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