Beijing hui DE yi company, biological purification equipment including biological chromatography system, liquid chromatograph, DAC column chromatography column, ultrafiltration system, continuous flow tomography system, test in product line covers from the level of production, can be widely used in biological pharmaceutical, natural products, chemical separation, purification and analysis of various fields.

Biological chromatography system, biological chromatography column: can be used for the isolation and purification of antibodies, proteins, vaccines, blood products, etc., mostly by affinity chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, hydrophobic chromatography or molecular sieve chromatography. The biological chromatography system includes the developed automatic chromatography system, pilot test automatic chromatography system, production automatic chromatography system and simple chromatography system. Biological chromatography column includes laboratory - level biological chromatography column, manual chromatography column and automatic chromatography column.

Liquid chromatography, DAC column: can be used for the separation and purification of natural products, peptides, chemical drugs, the use of reverse phase chromatography or positive phase chromatography. The liquid chromatograph includes amino acid analyzer, GPC gel purification system, GPC gel chromatograph, organic synthesis purification system, polysaccharide purification system, (binary gradient) analytical liquid chromatograph, (isostatic) analytical liquid chromatograph. DAC column includes high pressure DAC dynamic axial compression column and medium high pressure DAC dynamic axial compression column.

Ultrafiltration system: can be used for sample concentration, fluid change or removal of cell debris. Ultrafiltration system includes small and medium-sized ultrafiltration system and production type automatic ultrafiltration system.

Continuous flow chromatography system: can run a variety of continuous flow chromatography modes, such as Capture SMB, MCSGP, n-rich. The continuous flow tomographic system includes the developed continuous flow tomographic system and the production continuous flow tomographic system.

   Research And Development
   Pass A Test

·  QuikSep AutoBio Chromatography System

· QuikSep Pilot Automatic Chromatography System


·  QuikSep Prep Chromatography System

· QuikSep SC Simple Chromatography System

   Laboratory Column

·   Omnifit EZ SolventPlus

·   Omnifit EZ Glass Chromatography Column

·   QuikSep HLK Adjustable Screw Column

·   Vantage L

·   QuikSep HP Trumpet Shaped Column

·   QuikSep HKT Adjustable Screw Column

·   Quiksep HP Flange Chromatography Column

·   QuikSep HG Manual screw thread chromatography column

· Quiksep Amino Acid Analyzer

· GPC gel chromatograph
· GPC Gel Permeation Chromatography

· Polysaccharide purification system

· Organic synthesis and purification system

· Quiksep-50IID中高壓液相色譜儀

· LC-10 Analytical liquid chromatograph

· QuikSep LC-10 Analytical Liquid Chromatograph

   Automatic Column/Station
   Manual Column

·   Quiksep AC automatic chromatographic column

· Quiksep EC manual column

   Ultrafiltration System

·   QuikSep High Pressure DAC Dynamic Axial Compression Column

·   Dynamic axial compression column of high pressure DAC in hisep

· QuikSep AF Automatic Ultrafiltration System

   R&D continuous flow
   Production continuous flow

·   Contichrom CUBE & HPLC

· EcoPrime Twin

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